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Section 8 Company and Producer Company

A section 8 company is a company registered under the Companies, Act 2013 with a non-profit motive. If differs from a company in various aspects and the income of the Section 8 company must be used to promote only charitable objects. Want to register a Section 8 company? Contact us to get your section 8 company registration by availing of our premium offers. RandL offers Section 8  Company and Producer incorporation can be done as per requirement.

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Easily Register a Section 8 Company and Producer Company

Overview of Section 8 Company and Producer Company

Section 8 Company is the company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 as a Non-profit organization. As we all know NPO can be registered as Trust by executing a Trust deed or, As a society under the Registrar of Societies, or, As a non-profit company under Section 8 Company of the Companies Act, 2013.

Section 8 Company is the most popular form of Non-profit organization that is established for the-

  • Promotion of commerce,
  • Art,
  • Science,
  • Sports,
  • Education,
  • Research,
  • Social welfare,
  • Religion,
  • Charity,
  • Protection of environment or any such other related object”.
    In layman, a Section 8 company must promote public welfare and the income generated by the company can only be used to support the stated public cause(s) only.

What are the Benefits of Registering a Section 8 Company?

Numerous benefits are provided to Section 8 Company. Few are mentioned below:-

  • No Minimum Capital

    In section 8 company registration, there is no minimum capital criteria.

  • Avail Tax Benefits

    Various tax exemptions and compensations are provided to the company as well as to the donors who are contributing to Section 8 Company.

  • Exempted From Payment Of Stamp Duty

    No stamp duty is required on the Section 8 Company registration as the company is exempted from the payment of stamp duty applicable for registration.

  • Separate Legal Identity

    Section 8 Company has a separate legal entity as private/public company and has a distinct legal personality from its member.

  • Credibility

    Section 8 Company has more credibility as compared to any other form of a charitable organization.

  • Transfer Of Ownership

    Members of Section 8 Company members can easily transfer the ownership of the company.

What are the Documents Required for Registering Section 8 Companies?

Below-mentioned documents are required for registering Section 8 Company:-

  • The Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Declaration by the subscribers and by the directors
  • A confirmation for the address of the office
  • Two months utility bills copy
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Outer Country body corporate [If applicable]
  • A resolution passed by the global Company [If applicable]
  • A recommendation declared by the promotional Company [If applicable]
  • The interest of the directors from other entities [If applicable]
  • Nominee’s assent
  • Identity proof and residential address of the subscribers and the nominees
  • Identity proof and residential address of Applicants
  • The Declaration/Resolution of the unregistered companies
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • Any other document [If required]

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